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COUNTRY Estimated Population 97/98 Current Status
Afghanistan 1,000 No protection, constantly harassed and hunted; probably declining
Austria 5 Thought to have dispersed from Slovenia
Bangladesh Under 10 Dispersal from India
Belarus 2,000 Unprotected, decreasing from hunting pressures and loss of habitat; up to 1,500 wolves killed every year including pups
Bosnia-Hertzagovina 400 Decreasing because of lack of legal protection and hunting pressure
Bulgaria 800 Hunted year round, unprotected; 300-500 killed annually; population decreasing
Canada 60,000 Stable but nonsustainable harvesting in some areas (e.g., Northwest Territories)
China 6,000 Protected; relatively stable
Croatia 50-100 Protected since May 1955; decreasing in some areas because of illegal hunting
Czech Republic 5 Legally protected but still hunted; hunters killed the last 18 in 1996-1997; Slovakia dispersers then moved in
Egypt 25 On Sanai Peninsula only; probably declining because of lack of prey
Estonia 450-500 Legal hunting kills 200-300 yearly
Finland 50 Stable
France 7-15 Decreasing
Germany Under 10 Increasing (dispersed from Poland)
Greenland 50-100 Unknown
Greece 200-300 Most in a stable population on border with Macedonia; hunting permitted
Hungary 10-30 Declining because of poaching and habitat loss; probably from Slovakia
India 1,300-1,600 Protected but decreasing because of persecution and habitat loss
Iran 1,000 Data a decade old but population appears stable
Israel 150 Protected since 1954; stable
Italy 400-500 Protected, increasing
Jordan 100-200 Unprotected and routinely killed by farmers
Kazakhstan 9,000 Unprotected, bounties paid; population stable or perhaps increasing because of reduces hunting pressures
Latvia 900 Unprotected, hunted throughout the year; about 400 killed annually;decreasing - due to hunting.
Lebanon 10 Unknown
Lithuania 600 Hunted legally from July to April; 100-200 killed yearly; decreasing - due to hunting.
Macedonia 500 Unprotected; probably decreasing because of hunting
Mongolia 30,000 No protection; decreasing because of persecution and habitat loss
Norway 20-30 Border population shared with Sweden; fully protected but can be hunted under certain conditions (e.g., livestock predation)
Poland 600-850 Stable; nationwide protection since 1998; lower estimate considered more accurate
Portugal 250-300 Protected but decreasing because of illegal hunting and habitat destruction.
Romania 2,500 Unprotected, can be hunted legally; thought ot be decreasing because of hunting and habitat loss; 2,500 considered to be overstimate
Russia 30,000-40,000 Unprotected; increasing in far north and parts of European Russia (less hunting pressure); decreasing on the Steppes ans in parts of Serbia because of lack of prey species and habitat destruction
Saudi Arabia 600-700 No protection; considered stable
Slovakia 250-450 Decreasing because of hunting poaching and habitat loss; lower estimate considered more accurate
Slovenia 25-25 Protected; stable
Spain 2,000 Legal hunting season; population in decline because of persecution
Sweden 20-30 Border population shared with Norway; See Norway
Switzerland 5 Dispersed from Italy
Syria 300 Near border with Turkey; Unprotected and probably decreasing
Ukraine 2,000-3,000 Unprotected; hunted all year; decreasing because of hunting pressure
USA (lower 48) 2,700 Stable or increasing because of disperal and reintroduction
USA - Alaska 6,000 - 8,000 Unclear
Yugoslavia 500 Hunted most of the year