Sea Otter Unit


Are you a teacher or youth group leader looking to explore sea otter biology and conservation with your class? Defenders of Wildlife has materials to help you do just that.

Sea Otter Educational Unit

This educational unit on sea otters includes both individual and group learning activities designed to integrate reading, writing, social studies and technology into your science curriculum. Materials include background information and suggestions for additional resources will help your students learn about sea otter biology, their ecological significance, conservation history and much more. Download the different sections of the educational unit using the links below.

Sea Otter Educational Trunk

The sea otter trunk is suitable for all ages, and is loved by elementary students! It can also be used in combination with the educational unit above, which is best suited for students grades 6-8.

The trunk comes with a sea otter puppet, a starfish, an abalone, front and hind track molds, a replica skull, seven helpful books and guides, the DVD Precipice of Survival: The Southern Sea Otter, and a laminated poster.

If you are interested in reserving the sea otter trunk, please contact the Defenders of Wildlife California office at (916)313-5800. A refundable deposit is required.

Note: The sea otter teaching unit is aligned to California, Oregon, and Washington state educational standards.


Aligned to CA, WA and OR state education standards.

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