Concentration - An on-line version of the classic. Click on a card, then click on another and try to make a match. [ JavaScript ]

Who Am I? - At night you can hear the animals but you can't see them. Click on a number between 1 and 20. Listen to the animal sound and pick the animal that made the sound from a drop down menu. Guess all 20 animal sounds to win. Requires a sound enabled PC [ JavaScript ]

Fly Around - Click on an insect, move your mouse and watch the insect follow you mouse movements. No rules. Requires Internet Explorer 4.0+ or Netscape 4.0+ [ DHTML ]

Picture Puzzle (9 squares) - Scramble the picture and get the pieces back in order by clicking on the squares to move them. [ JavaScript ]

Picture Puzzle (16 squares) - Same as above but with 16 squares! [ JavaScript ]

Animal Quiz - Test your animal smarts with the Kids' Planet Quiz. Take this quiz to find out if you're really King of the Jungle or missing a link! [ JavaScript ]

Animal Word Search - Can you find all the wild animal words in this on-line word search puzzle? Test your skills and your animal smarts. [ Java ]